why did tik tok delete my drafts

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    Umaima Cooley

    Where did my drafts go TikTok?

    Where Can I Find the Draft Version of My TikTok Video? Go to your profile and tap on the “Me” sign at the top of the page to access Drafts. Simply pick the “Drafts” option from the menu to see the videos you’ve saved. You can only watch or delete these movies from this location; you cannot recover them.

    Does TikTok erase your drafts?

    If you opt to preserve your drafts, your TikTok account will keep them eternally. However, once you publish them, they will no longer be viewable in the future as drafts.

    Where did my drafts go on TikTok 2022?

    To access your profile, launch TikTok and press the user profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Then, in the centre of the screen, select the Drafts icon. It’s the symbol on the bottom left of the screen. From here, you will be able to see all of your draft videos.

    Why did all my TikTok videos disappear?

    When the video vanished, it seemed that there was an issue with it. Despite the fact that customers may be concerned, this is unlikely to be the case. Instead, the most likely explanation is that TikTok is having a major issue in which the films are still saved on its servers but do not display on people’s accounts. Even if the videos are still being uploaded, this is the case.

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