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    Umaima Cooley

    How do I add apps to RocketDock?

    After unlocking the bar, you can quickly add any icon to the launch bar by dragging and dropping it into position. Left-click the icon and drag it till it appears on the start bar while holding down the left-click button. When you’re on the launch bar, let go of the left mouse button. The symbol is likely to appear on RocketDock.

    How do you use RocketDock?

    To add an item, right-click an empty spot on the dock and choose Add Item. Now choose the category of things that you want to add. To add files or shortcuts to a document, navigate to the location of the file or shortcut, then click the Open button. You also have the option of inserting separators to demarcate the various groups.

    How do you install RocketDock Skins?

    Download the RocketDock theme you wish to use, then unzip the file you have downloaded. Place the folder containing the skin files in the folder mentioned below. It’s conceivable that the dialog box below will display. If it does, you may paste the folder by clicking the Continue option.

    How do I add apps to my Nexus?

    Navigate to the toolbar and choose the “Install” button. After that, you will be able to choose the programs you want from Google Play and install them with a single click on your Google Nexus tablet or phone.

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    rocketdock addons

    How do I add apps to my Nexus?

    As a result, I have decided to keep using RocketDock… Answer provided by me If you haven’t already, add a blank icon to your dock and then access its settings. Enter “explorer.exe” into the “Target” box, and then “C:Windows” into the “Start in” box…. Click the ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys simultaneously to open ‘Run,’ then type’shell:AppsFolder’ and press the ‘Enter’ key.

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