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    Ariya Portillo

    How do you color fill in procreate?

    To color fill in Procreate, just touch and drag the color disc in the upper right corner of your screen onto your topic. The topic will be colored in the selected hue as soon as the button is pressed.

    How do you use the fill tool in procreate pocket?

    Slide your finger to the left or right of the screen to alter the fill Threshold. Swipe your finger left to lower the fill threshold in a specific region. To reach the extra fill Threshold area, drag your finger to the right. Lift your finger off the canvas to view the fill when you’re ready to commit to a fill quantity.

    Is there a dropper in Procreate?

    Tap and hold your finger anywhere on your canvas to activate the Eyedropper tool. Simply slide the eyedropper tool to the region of the canvas where you want to pick your color, then let go of the mouse button.

    How do I color a specific area in Procreate?

    Simply go to Procreate’s top toolbar and pick the Select tool. Check that the automated option is chosen. Tap within an element to color it from the inside out. Select the brush you wish to use and begin coloring.

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