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    What does ik * mean?

    A Concise Outline of the Major Considerations I Know is an acronym for “I Know.” Guessing Capability: 3 (Guessable) Adults and teenagers are the most common users. 3rd guessability (Guessable)

    What is full form of IK?

    IK in its Various Forms, Including: IK is an abbreviation for I Know Messaging. Inverse kinematics research Robotics and Automation I.K. Language and linguistics as they relate to indigenous knowledge IK Information about the Iron Kingdom as a Country

    Whats does YK mean?

    The third definition of YK is “You Know?” YK is an abbreviation meaning you already know. abbreviated is the input format. 3: Capable of being guessed The bulk of users are adults and teens.

    What does XD mean?

    1. a phrase used to express joy or laughing in electronic communications, notably text messages and e-mails. An example of an emoticon is XD. While the letter X represents closed eyelids, the letter D represents open mouth. OMG! I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw what you did today.

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    ik in text

    What does IG mean in text?

    While messaging, “I guess” and “Instagram” are both appropriate substitutes for “IG.” If someone texts you and isn’t sure how they feel, they can answer with “IG.” “IG” stands for “I’m not sure.” When you contact someone about something social media-related (such as followers, likes, or Instagram Live broadcasts), the individual is almost probably referring to Instagram.

    What does IG mean in text?

    The term FR stands for “for real.”

    What FR mean in text?

    abbreviation for “if you know you know,” which means “if you know you know.”

    What is Iykyk?

    Approves is the whole name of the OKS abbreviation, which implies that Approves is either the full form of OKS or the full name of the OKS abbreviation.

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