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    Kaycee Coates

    How do I enable 18+ content on twitter?

    Step 1: Go to the upper left corner of the screen and press the symbol that looks like three horizontal lines to access the settings and privacy choices. Step 2: From the main menu, pick the “Privacy and security settings” drop-down option. What precisely is this? Step 3: Within the “Safety” category, you should now see an option labeled “Display media that may contain sensitive information.”

    How can I see sensitive content on twitter?

    How Can I Access Private or Protected Twitter Content? [IOS & Android] Launch the Twitter application on your mobile device. Simply tapping the profile will display further customization choices. Scroll down to “Settings and Privacy,” then touch on it. To go to the “Privacy and Safety” area, use the navigation. Tap on the “Content you see” option to choose it.

    How do I unblock sensitive material on twitter?

    To do so, go to the Twitter website and select More, then Settings and Privacy, then Privacy and Safety, then Content You See, and finally Search Settings. On this screen, uncheck the “Hide Sensitive Content” button.

    How do I fix this Tweet may contain sensitive content?

    The steps are as follows: Sign in to your Twitter account and open the Twitter app on your mobile device. The first thing you need do is download and install the official Twitter app for your mobile device… Go to the Settings menu and select Privacy…. Make Use Of Your Privacy Settings And Security Measures… Click on the “Content You See” option to choose it…. Deactivate the setting for sensitive material.

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