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    Ruby-May Ballard

    What does a blue ring on Alexa mean?

    If there is a cyan spotlight on top of a blue ring, it means Alexa is paying attention. The light ring will momentarily flash when Alexa has received your request and is attempting to fulfill it. If the blue light flashes momentarily and then goes out, the device may be receiving a firmware update.

    Why is Alexa stuck on blue light?

    Check to see if the Wi-Fi network you set up is working properly. As a result, Alexa may become trapped in an offline state, resulting in the blue ring remaining illuminated at all times. If your internet connection is up and running but the speaker isn’t connecting, try rebooting the wireless router.

    What do Alexa ring colors mean?

    If the light on your Echo is blue, it means it is actively listening to you or carrying out a verbal command. The symbol will become yellow if you have a message, reminder, or notification alert. When you get a call or Drop In, the symbol becomes green. When in Do Not Disturb mode, the symbol turns purple. White means that the volume has been adjusted or that Alexa Guard has been set to Away.

    Why is my Alexa blue and not responding?

    If Alexa answers by lighting up but staying silent, it is most likely that it did not comprehend the command you gave it, and you should try again. It’s also conceivable that it ignored the order because it mistook it for a request intended for another Alexa device nearby. You may also check your Wi-Fi connection and network settings, as well as reset the Alexa device.

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